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Microbiological quantifier QZ80
Name£ºMicrobiological quantifier QZ80

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Update Time£º2011.05.18
Production units£ºTECNOVINC SRL
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Microbiological quantifier QUANTIBAC, is a very effective instrument to control diverse samples and examining the microbiological quality of them, not only in the industrial and investigation scope, but also in the clinical one.

QUANTIBAC can handle samples of varied origin, such as those of the dairy industry, meats, fishery, juice, ice creams, syrups, water samples and fluids.

QUANTIBAC measures electrical parameters (impedance), and optical parameters (turbidity) while microorganisms growth.

It has independent incubators with controllable temperatures, allowing to make the quantification of microorganisms within different temperatures simultaneously.

It can works with semisolids or liquids, in transparent or completely opaque samples and with microorganisms that produce changes on turbidity or conductivity, or changes in the interface between the electrodes or in the bulk.

It can simultaneously measure aerobic and anaerobic organisms, as well as fungi and yeast.

QUANTIBAC can be applied to evaluate the microbial quality of raw material and finished products as well as to determine the quality of the processing.

Sterility control, cleaning evaluation of a line of production, effect of biocides on different microorganisms are also possible.

QUANTIBAC considerably reduce the time for obtaining results with respect to the classical methods.

The great advantage of QUANTIBAC derives from the IMPORTANT SAVING OF TIME to obtain the results, which leads to a considerable REDUCTION OF COSTS.

The technology used by QUANTIBAC for the measurement of impedance, takes into account factors not observed by competitors.

QUANTIBAC was developed by researchers of INSIBIO, Institute of CONICET, and the National University of Tucum¨¢n.

Tecnovinc S.R.L. produces QUANTIBAC in Argentine Republic and commercialises it world wide.

Unit culture
-Test tubes (for incubator): 15 / 30 / 80
-Simultaneous calibration lines: 4 (four)
-Time between samples: 10 minutes
-Low working frequency: 20 Hz.
-High working frequency: 20.000 Hz.

Software QZControl V3.28 (only under Windows XP ®)

Quantibac Working Conditions
-Temperature control range: 20ºC to 80ºC.
-Environment temperature range: 20ºC to 30ºC
-Relative humidity: 40% to 80%, without condensation.
-Minimal distance between the equipment and the environment, in all directions: 10 cm.

Electrical Characteristics
-Supply voltage: 220 Vca/50 Hz
-Maximal input energy: 2A / 220 Vc


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