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Lab blender-BL Smart
Name£ºLab blender-BL Smart

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Update Time£º2010.09.19
Production units£ºAstori Tecnica (Italy)
   Product details

The new BL Smart time-programmable Lab Blender is particularly suitable to

homogenise food and feed samples prior to microbiological analyses. It reduces

the risk of the membrane cells breakage meanwhile ensuring an excellent mixing

result. Suitable to any kind of culture and any kind of sample.

Technical features:

External structure made in stove painted steel

Mixing action by means of 2 flat hammers, pressing the

sample bag with an alternative movement - Constant

speed: 205 hits/minute

Water proof lid closure

Digital timer to set the homogenization time from 1 to

9999 seconds, with 1-second steps

Continuous homogenization can be set

3 different homogenization times can be set and stored in memory

Visualization of the remaining time until the end of the process

Traditional sample sterile bags, 18x30 cm, can be used

Sample volume in the bag: from 80 to 400 ml

Dimensions: 240x445x365 mm (wxdxh) ¨C Weight: 32,5 Kg.

Power supply: 220 V - 50 Hz - 150 W. Other voltages upon request

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