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Single-sample osmometer - Cryobasic 1
Name£ºSingle-sample osmometer - Cryobasic 1

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Update Time£º2009.11.05
Production units£ºAstori Tecnica (Italy)
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Automatic osmometer for the quick and accurate analysis of osmolality in biological liquids or any other solutions,
based on the cryoscopic point determination. The automatic reading and interpretation of the results occur when
the sample temperature plateau is reached, according to all the international references.
Technical features:
Capacity: single sample
Visualization of the osmolality value and the freezing point
Cooling system with electronically controlled Peltier cells
Automatic renewal of the cooling liquid by means of continuous
Forced ventilation
Working room temperature: from +5¡ãC to +36¡ãC
Automatic calibration
RS232 data exit ¨C Optional thermal printer
Software-piloted agitation and whip stroke
Results in mOsm and ¡ãC
Sample volume: from 0,25 ml to 0,5 ml (with plastic tubes); 2 ml or 2,5 ml (with
glass tubes)
Analysis time: about 2 minutes
Instrument pre-heating time: 5 minutes
Resolution: ¡À 2 mOsm - Repeatability and reproducibility: ¡À 2,5 mOsm
Linearity: up to 1.500 mOsm
Dimensions: 26x38x33 cm (wxdxh) with lowered head - Weight: 12 Kg.
Power supply: 220 V ¨C 50 Hz ¨C 150 W. Other voltages: upon request

Code no. 63225 Check standard, 324 mOsm, 250 ml
Code no. STD2101 Calibration standard, 100 mOsm, 125 ml
Code no. STD2109 Calibration standard, 900 mOsm, 125 ml
Code no. 67210 Cooling liquid, 1 liter
Code no. 67200 Cooling liquid, 250 ml
Code no. 2028 Polypropilene disposable sample tubes, 0,5 ml, 100 pieces
Code no. 67251 24-place sample tubes holder, in ABS
Code no. 67241 50-place sample tubes holder, in stainless steel
Code no. EP-50 EP-50 thermal printer
Code no. 67219 Thermal paper roll for EP-50 printer
Code no. 9042401322 Automatic micropipette, 100 ¨C 1.000 ¦Ìl adjustable volume
Code no. 37465 Blue disposable tips, 1.000 pieces
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