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Soybean import increased,Beijing soybean oil trade price dropped
Release Date£º2009.07.29 News sources£ºBeijing Xianglong Huanyu Biotechnology Co., Ltd Views£º
                                         Pay attention to genetic modified soybean oil detection
                                  Soybean import increased, Beijing soybean oil trade price dropped
Published data from General Administration of Customs indicated that from January to June (2009) China imported 22.09 million ton soybean, a 28.2% increase compared to the same period last year. While edible vegetable oil import was 3.44 million ton, 9.2% decrease compared to the same period last year.
Although edible vegetable oil import decreased, imported soybean increased significantly, general soybean supply in domestic market was sufficient, Jingliang Liu said. Beijing Shuitui information association predicted that soybean oil price tended to drop in the future.
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