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FDA issued guidelines to decrease the risk of Salmonella appearing in peanut products
Release Date£º2009.06.10 News sources£ºBeijing Xianglong Huanyu Biotechnology Co., Ltd Views£º

America FDA issued guidelines against food manufacturer to reduce the probability of Salmonella contamination in peanut products. The guidelines aimed to ensuring the safety of peanut supply and foods incorporating peanut. FDA recommended producers utilize peanut supplied by suppliers complying with GMP and implement food safety management.

Since the outbreak of Salmonella in peanut products of America peanut company in early January, FDA, playing an important role in food safety, had attracted tremendous attention. Legislators, consumers and commercial associates called the government to amend food safety legislations, integrate and strengthen FDA¡¯s limits to right and increase financial support.

As to Salmonella outbreak, FDA stated that high temperature could kill Salmonella, but peanut products usually have a very low water content while fat content is high, these features bring Salmonella a tolerance to high temperature. Special technology is needed to assure peanut product safety.

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