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   China borrows ideas from abroad to promote the development of dairy industry 2010.01.13
   Shanghai FDA officer pledged to guarantee food safety during 2010 World Expo 2010.01.13
   Seminar for the best practice of Salmonella control in poultry and poultry products held in Beijing 2009.09.16
   Fonterra Cooperation Group alleged that milk price had reached a high level 2009.09.16
   Suspected Salmonella-contaminated beef products were recalled in America 2009.08.17
   Soybean import increased,Beijing soybean oil trade price dropped 2009.07.29
   FDA issued guidelines to decrease the risk of Salmonella appearing in peanut products 2009.06.10
   Stem cell technologies-changes to US regulations 2009.06.10
   New Elisa kits for detection of rabies antibody 2009.06.10
   Fluorescent PCR kits for detection of intestinal bacteria virus EV71 and Cossa qi 2009.06.10
   BioXL fluorescent RT-PCR kits for detection of Enterobacter sakazakii 2009.06.10
   Blue ear pig disease-epidemic situation 2009.06.10
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