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   Participated in The 3rd China Third-party Testing Laboratory Development Forum and Laboratory Exhibi 2011.09.14
   Participated in the 17th Annual Meeting of CDIA and the 11th Dairy Technology & Equipment Exhibition 2011.08.24
   official launch of our new kit for the detection of added neutralizers in milk or cream 2011.08.12
   Participated in the 9th world dairy expo&summit/China 2011 from 11th to 13th, June in Hefei 2011.06.16
   Astori k-Casein B ELISA kit 2011.05.18
   participates the fifth China International dairy Exposition(CIDE) 2011.04.01
   Participated in The 2nd China Third-party Testing Laboratory Development Forum&Laboratory Exhibition 2010.08.30
   Participated in the 16th Annual Meeting of CDIA and the 10th Dairy Technology & Equipment Exhibition 2010.08.25
   Participated in the 8th world dairy expo&summit/China 2010 from 8th to 10th, June 2010 in Qingdao 2010.08.25
   Participated in the training course of GB/T 4789-2010 from 5th to 6th June 2010 in Beijing 2010.08.25
   Participated in The Third International Food Safety Peak Forum 2010.04.22
   Cryoscope (Astori Italy) 2010.01.11
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