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   Participated in The 3rd China Third-party Testing Laboratory Development Forum and Laboratory Exhibi 2011.09.14
   Participated in the 17th Annual Meeting of CDIA and the 11th Dairy Technology & Equipment Exhibition 2011.08.24
   official launch of our new kit for the detection of added neutralizers in milk or cream 2011.08.12
   Participated in the 9th world dairy expo&summit/China 2011 from 11th to 13th, June in Hefei 2011.06.16
   Astori k-Casein B ELISA kit 2011.05.18
   participates the fifth China International dairy Exposition(CIDE) 2011.04.01
   Participated in The 2nd China Third-party Testing Laboratory Development Forum&Laboratory Exhibition 2010.08.30
   Participated in the 16th Annual Meeting of CDIA and the 10th Dairy Technology & Equipment Exhibition 2010.08.25
   Participated in the 8th world dairy expo&summit/China 2010 from 8th to 10th, June 2010 in Qingdao 2010.08.25
   Participated in the training course of GB/T 4789-2010 from 5th to 6th June 2010 in Beijing 2010.08.25
   Participated in The Third International Food Safety Peak Forum 2010.04.22
   China borrows ideas from abroad to promote the development of dairy industry 2010.01.13
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